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Dr. Swing

Everything You Know
About Golf Swing
Analysis is Changing
Golf Swings Analyzed at the Bone Level

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A New Era in Swing Studies

In today’s day and age, using a smartphone to analyze golf swings has become a matter of course.

Not only is it now mainstream to research golf swings you want to make your own, it’s not uncommon to film your own swing to check your form.

Yet, how many people truly understand their swing?

Using proprietary technology, Dr. Swing allows golfers of all types to analyze swing work in detail. Simple swing checkers that draw lines around the body are the stuff of yesteryear — nor do you need expensive equipment.

Dr. Swing is a completely free app that lets you rapidly master the golf swings the pros use.

Don’t fall behind!

Bones Hide Nothing
― See the Real Form ―

Dr. Swing is like bringing X-rays to the golf course. Layer the bone structure of your ideal swing over your own swing and compare the difference.

You can adjust the settings and playback to see the difference in posture and speed, as well as when you graze the top of the ball or hit it dead center, and learn where to improve.

You can even compare two of your own swing patterns to see immediately the difference between a good day and a bad day.

As you know, the joints and the bones connecting them are referred to as the skeleton.

Joints: sole of left foot, sole of right foot, left knee, right knee, left hip, right hip, left shoulder, right shoulder, left elbow, right elbow, hands, club heel, tailbone, neck

Absorb the essence of
a swing at the bone-level

A Rich Range of Golf Swings

A deep selection of swings from people of all ethnicities, sexes, ages, and generations has been prepared for you.

You’re sure to find the ideal golf swing for you.

A range of clubs and usage situations are also incorporated: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges

If you play baseball,
you’ll have to look elsewhere!

At-a-Glance Feedback with
Similarity Rate

The Similarity Rate gives you a numerical figure on how two swings stack up.

Check the frame-by-frame Similarity Rate to understand how to adjust each part of your swing and see how you’ve improved.

Check the total swing Similarity Rate to see how much you differ and to find a swing style that is closest to your own.

Frame-by-frame Similarity Rate

Total swing Similarity Rate

Even I get it!

Comming Soon

  • Diagnose the particularities and problem points of a swing
  • Detailed swing analysis: hands first impact, cock, rhythm, axis orientation, swing plane angle, etc.
  • New swing comparison metrics: cock, center of gravity, shaft angle, and more
  • Simple skeleton creation workflow
  • Make a skeleton video and export or share on social media
  • Swing samples with video

Dr. Swing

Golf swings analyzed at the bone level